Become a social entrepreneur for the end of hunger

Ending world hunger, one grilled cheese at a time.

Have a global impact.

The UN, the World Bank, and other institutions and organizations across the planet now agree: ending extreme hunger and poverty is essential to our collective survival, and achievable by 2030. Never before has the world been so aligned, or this movement so empowered.

And while FeelGood students contribute to this movement primarily through their on-campus social enterprise, they never lose touch with the global impact of their work, thanks to our close partnership with two of the best international aid organizations on the planet: The Hunger Project (THP) and CHOICE Humanitarian (CHOICE).

THP and CHOICE are not only on the cutting edge of international development, they’re defining it. Committed to an ethos of “partnership, not charity,” both organizations are guided by four principles known to lead to a sustainable end to chronic hunger and poverty:

  • Mobilize grassroots leadership.
  • Effectively address the deeply entrenched social condition of gender inequality.
  • Forge partnerships with local government and organizations.
  • Embrace environmentally sustainable practices.

For more information on these four principles, download our whitepaper.

Love from our partners

"I've witnessed the power of the FeelGood program. It fosters the very knowledge and skills we need to meet today's complex global challenges, and to finally realize the dream of a world free of hunger and poverty."


"I am continually impressed by the complete and thoughtful understanding FeelGood students have of the complex issue of chronic hunger. This type of critical thinking from students around the country, combined with the passion and ability to creatively mobilize much need resources, is one of many elements fueling my belief that the end of hunger is within reach."


We provide a world of support.
As the founding team, you will unleash your leadership, teamwork and business skills to create a lasting, hunger-ending legacy on your college campus.*

If you’re ready to add your voice to this powerful movement and become a social entrepreneur for the end of hunger, the FeelGood community will be there every step of the way to help ensure your success. Individual and team-based coaching, rich online and offline educational resources and experiences, investment capital, as well as access to a growing global network of experts in international development, business development and leadership training, are all available to get your social enterprise for the end of hunger up, running and profitable.

* All deli proceeds are invested in our two partner organizations, both with a proven track record of sustainably ending hunger: The Hunger Project and CHOICE Humanitarian.

Financial Support

Earn $750+ in start-up capital through our dynamic online platform, Cheese World, and two full scholarships for the 5-day Big Cheese Summer Institute in August 2014 (travel not included).


Leadership training, conferences, webinars, international travel opportunities, on-demand consulting and support.


Marketing materials, operations and recruitment tools, online resources, curricular modules and training.


Access to our global network of committed social entrepreneurs. Membership in our alumni organization (FeelGood4Life) after graduation.

How to APPLY
Applications for the 2014 Cohort Launchpad are now open until November 15, 2013. Accepted teams will be notified by December 10th.

Application Guidelines

BE FAMILIAR WITH OFFICIAL CHAPTER REQUIREMENTS. Before filling out the application, read the Official Chapter Requirements on our website. This includes making a commitment to raise $3000 for the end of hunger within the 2014-2015 school year, and sending a minimum of two leaders to attend The Big Cheese Summer Institute in August 2014 (dates & location TBD).* You will be asked to agree to these requirements as part of the application process.

APPLY AS A TEAM: A minimum of three team members are required at time of application; five team members must be confirmed by start of Launchpad in January, no more than one of whom is a senior. All five team members must be committed to being on campus the entire 2014-2015 school year.

FULFILL KEY TEAM POSITIONS: Your team must have at least five confirmed leaders by the start of the Launchpad in January 2014 in order to fill these five essential roles: President, Deli Operations Manager, Treasurer, Education & Recruitment Chair, and Marketing and PR Chair. Once admitted to the Launchpad, you must confirm who will serve in each capacity . If your team is more than 5, we recommend two people share the role(s) of President and/or Deli Operations Manager. For more on the primary responsibilities for each position, click here.

*Participating in the Big Cheese Summer Institute is contingent upon the successful completion of the Launchpad. Cost is typically $300/person + airfare. Upon acceptance to the 2014 Cohort, your team is eligible for two full registration scholarships to help you meet the minimum attendance requirement (cost of airfare will still need to be covered; additional assistance is available). More teammates can attend at full cost.

Application Process

STEP 1: Request an application. We will then send you a link to the online application form.

STEP 2: Complete the online application by November 15. Note: You will need to have at least three members of your team identified to complete the application process, and all five members of identified before the start of the Launch Pad phase.

STEP 3: Within one week of receiving your application, you’ll be contacted to set up an interview between FeelGood staff and at least three members of your founding team. All interviews will take place between November 11 and December 5.

The interview will be conducted by phone or Skype, and will take 30-45 minutes. Given the considerable investment FeelGood makes in each individual chapter, the interview is considered an essential component of the selection process it is crucial that at least three members of the leadership team be present.

STEP 4: All teams will be notified of their status by December 10. Teams accepted into the program will be asked to confirm their enrollment by December 15.

STEP 5: Teams admitted to Launchpad will begin the program together in January 2014. Between your team’s acceptance and the start of the Launchpad, you’ll have the opportunity to begin earning investment capital for your chapter through completing some initial actions.

Have questions or need assistance? Contact us any time at

Request an application

More about FeelGood
It all started by a profound mind-shift: that ending hunger is not about feeding “a billion hungry mouths,” but rather about “unleashing the talents and spirits of a billion human beings able to end their own hunger”.

Our Story

FeelGood was founded in 2005 by Kristin Walter and Talis Apud-Hendricks while they were students and cross country runners at the University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by the work of The Hunger Project and its philosophy that ending hunger is not about feeding “a billion hungry mouths,” but rather about “unleashing the talents and spirits of a billion human beings able to end their own hunger”—Kristin and Talis looked for a way to get involved and contribute.

Their idea: offer fellow students grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for a donation, and invest the proceeds in organizations with a proven track record of sustainable, gender-based hunger-eradication. In less than 6 months, they raised $10,000. Not only that, they discovered that a grilled cheese sandwich had the power to start some amazing conversations about hunger, and how we can end it.

Today, we’re a national movement of social entrepreneurs for the end of hunger, with chapters across the country. Every year FeelGood students initiate thousands of conversations and raise tens of thousands of dollars, all for the most critical global issue of our time.

Our Staff and Board of Directors

Kristin Walter

Kristin Walter is our intrepid co-founder and Executive Director. She started FeelGood in 2004 while a finance major at the University of Texas at Austin, and it has been her full-time occupation since graduation in 2005. Under her leadership, FeelGood has grown from a single-campus initiative into a vibrant national movement, impacting the lives of thousands and raising over $1.4 million for the end of hunger.

Talis Apud-Hendricks

Talis is a co-founder and directs FeelGood's education and technology programs. With an M.S. in Innovation from the Monterrey Institute of Technology, she has pioneered an online education & alternative currency platform. Before coming to FeelGood, Talis was a professional athlete, qualifying for the Mexican Olympic team in 2008. She has over seven years experience as a consultant in intercultural management.

Corin Blanchard

Corin joined FeelGood in 2009 and serves as FeelGood’s Program Director. Prior to FeelGood, Corin worked in colleges and universities for over a decade, most recently at the University of Vermont where she was the much-loved advisor of their FG chapter. In addition to holding a BA in English from Drake University and an M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs from UVM, Corin is a Certified Rolfer.

Kern Beare

Kern joined FeelGood in 2009 and is our Director of Communications and New Chapter Enrollment. Kern also supports FeelGood's fundraising efforts and education module design. Prior to joining FeelGood, Kern was vice president of communications for a high-tech corporation in Silicon Valley, a former Trustee of the Foundation for Global Community, and a co-founder of the non-profit, Global MindShift.

Sarah Walter

Sarah joined FeelGood in 2010 and serves as the Director of Alumni Giving. With over 10 years experience in the nonprofit sector, Sarah has worked on a range of issues from immigrant rights, equal opportunity, sexual assault prevention as well as professional development and education for nonprofit employees.. Sarah holds MSW from the University of Denver and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa. Sarah is also the proud and loving mama to her son River.

Rachel Rubenstein

Rachel joined FeelGood in 2011 as a Changemaker Ignitor. In 2013 Rachel became FeelGood’s Chapter Development Team Lead, which provides consulting, outreach and support to all of our chapters. Rachel knows the FeelGood experience inside and out: She was the deli manager and president of the FeelGood chapter at the University of Vermont, where she graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Sociology and minors in Psychology and History.

Peggy Snider

Peggy joined FeelGood in 2013 as a Changemaker Ignitor. She began as a member at the University of Vermont chapter and, after graduating in 2011 with a B.A. in Sociology and a minor in Community Entrepreneurship. She has interned with FeelGood's Logistics team for the 2011 Big Cheese Summer Institute and in 2012 overseeing FeelGood’s social media strategy. Peggy served as Chair of the FeelGood4Life Steering Committee for the 2012 term.

Shelly Lurie

Shelly joined FeelGood in 2013 as a Changemaker Ignitor, working directly with FeelGood student leaders to support them in unleashing the full potential of their FeelGood chapter. Shelly is one of the founding members of the FeelGood UCSB chapter and served as President for two years. A recent graduate, Shelly earned a degree in Communications with a minor in Global Peace and Security.

Hunger can be ended in our lifetime.